How media violence effects on children?

Since the broadcasting of television, the violence in media made a presence.

More than 50 years of research have been examined in order to study and evidence that the media violence has a negative effect on children.

According to several studies, it has been proven that this is to be honest. After watching violence on television, the self-regulation in parenting or children might prevent the kids and youths from becoming violent. As per the recent survey, the effects of media violence on children have been rapidly increased.

On the other hand, programs on television can also benefit the growth of children in a positive way; because the kids are learning with the use of funny characters. But still, some people argue that the media violence does not even have a negative effect on children and the studies have shown the contrary.

The effects of media violence on youth have a negative feedback and also some pro-social programs are positive for a child.

TV and movie violence- Does it affect our children?

In fact, the violence has always been a part of the human nature and will always be. To not be exposed to it, the kids will not have to watch the television, not listen to music, not go to movie theatre and not have access to the video games or computers. It is evaluated that many children will see approximately 200,000 acts of violence on TV by the age of 18.

Even more violence is handled by the good guys in their tries to capture or kill the bad guys. So, the kids also wish to imitate their heroes.

media violence effects on childrenIdeas to prevent over-exposure to mass media violence

Commonly, the children are very curious and found out information by themselves. Of course, the mass media is a good source for generating information. When children over-rely on television, radio and internet for their information source, you will surely see the negative effects of media violence on children’s behaviour that lead to raise in children issues.

The common negative effects of social media are too much violence. This could be found even on the news like materials related to kidnappings, school violence, natural catastrophes and amorous relationships of politicians, homicides or attacks of terrorists groups.

As a parent, you should always encourage your kids to look at the TV shows with no violence. Anyhow, the violence not only exist on television, but also seen on the games today.